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At BDQE, we are committed to building fun experiences where everyone thrives by serving fabulous, joyful, and connective events that empower queer artists.

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Our Drag Events Are For Everyone

From "suitable for work at 2pm" to "designed for the dance floor at 2am,” our Queens excel at transforming their artistry and stage presence to bring any audience together.

Online Experience

Drag Queen Bingo

As your crew competes to win prizes of your choosing, one of our fierce, talented queens share stories and asks fun questions that bring everyone closer together. Don't forget to BYOB!

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online experience

Drag Queen Trivia

Join one of our fabulous queens for one hour of mind-stretching trivia, questions that help groups to bond, and lots of laughter set to curated beats! You get to pick the prizes and choose your beverage.

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Live Experiences

Customized Drag Queen Events

Getting married? Running a conference? Having a big birthday bash? We'd be delighted to bring the joy of Drag to any event in a way that is allllllll about bringing your cherished community closer together.

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Support Local Artists

With each booking, you are contributing to a beautiful world where art becomes a legitimate way for artists to make a living.

Create Deeper Connections

Our dream for every event is to to leave participants feeling more connected to their group than they did at the start.

Have A Blast!

Work and life can be really serious, which is why our events are a tribute to taking breaks in the name of having fun!


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Tye began exploring the art of drag in his mid-twenties after relocating to San Francisco, splitting his time between Northern California and Los Angeles. Alongside his film, television, and commercial work, Tye built a platform for himself and LGBTQIA+ talent through curating, producing, and performing at countless large-scale events throughout the state. He picked up a few awards and accolades along the way of which include a few Best Actor wins and the crown of Miss Golden Gate 2019. In 2020, Tye founded Boozy Drag Queen Events LLC, a highly rated online drag queen experience booked across the world. He considers himself gender fluid and defies the constructs of gender norms.


MK splits their time between the midwest and the east coast and has been doing drag since 2013. When they’re not doing drag they like to cook, shake their tushy to some good music, and play with their precious dog, ‘Chikin’.

Newoncé Gazelle

Newoncé Gazelle is a non-binary POC native of San Francisco and started her drag career in 2018. Since then, she has graced the stage of several venues, including Oracle Park, The Midway, 620 Jones & the now defunct Stud bar, and the various other Castro and SOMA drag performance spaces. In March of 2021, she co-founded BIMBOS.tv, a QTPOC-centered drag + dance party. The Imperial Court of San Francisco also crowned her Miss Golden Gate in 2022.

Evora Baden

Born and raised in the Bay Area - Evora began her drag journey in San Francisco, CA. Evora is the radical self-expression of Sergio, who identifies as Trans Gender Fluid and uses Evora as a vehicle to discover and express the many expressions that live within them.

Cookie Couture

Cookie lives in Seattle, Washington, and has been doing drag since 2015. When she’s not doing drag, she likes to play video games, binge horror movies, and work on her drag [styling wigs, putting together looks, practicing new make-up techniques, etc.]. She also holds the title of Miss Gay Seattle 2022!

This event was SO much fun! We were celebrating a birthday and the queen went out of her way to go with the theme of the night. We were all laughing, drinking, and having an amazing time the entire night. The hour FLEW by and left us wanting more!



Highly recommend! My team had a lot of fun playing bingo with Tye! Tye engages the entire group in a way that's quite impressive for a remote experience. With a team that's all over North and South America, to be able to have team moments like this when we can't be all together physically is very crucial, and Tye makes that happen better than some in-person events I've experienced.



What a great way to end a workday. We booked Tye for a work Happy Hour and we were not disappointed. It's a simple concept -- bring a drink and play some bingo -- but Tye really made it fun. Rave reviews from everyone on our team. Thanks for a fabulous time! xx



We booked Boozy Drag Queen Bingo for a virtual corporate team bonding event and I'm so glad we did! Our host was Mk and she was fabulous from beginning to end. She allowed space for everyone in the group to feel comfortable, she met our energy and made the whole experience so entertaining. We had so much fun with this unique experience and would recommend to anyone!



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